DNC 2012: President Obama’s Acceptance Speech Review

Thursday night, President Barack Obama formally accepted the Democratic presidential nomination. Following the great reviews of former President Bill Clinton’s speech, Obama had his work cut out for him.

The President’s latest speech, as with all the others, was extremely smooth and well prepared. Obama is and has always been an exceptional orator, making him a great candidate for the Presidency
but, combined with his passion for remaining connected to the every day man, Obama’s speech does not stress the common knowledge of the average blue collar worker that his campaign appeals to.


Obama made it clear that his speech and candidacy was “not blind optimism or wishful thinking– but hope in the face of difficulty.” Obama stressed the fact that this election would not be a decision between two candidates but, a choice between two paths for America. The Democratic path is centered on restoring values that fundamentally built the worlds’ largest middle class under the strongest economy in the world. Obama addressed the crowd in Charlotte, NC with one of the most powerful sentiments: “The election 4 years ago wasn’t about me; it was about you. My fellow Americans, YOU are the change.”

We rightfully should be. The President of the United States should embody what it is to be an average American citizen. I will be voting for President Obama. Not on grounds of this Republican or Democratic nonsense but, on the grounds that Obama’s administration is built around restoring American values of equality.

“Everyone gets a fair shot and everyone gets a fair share and everyone plays by the rules,” Obama says. These are the values that make life worth living. The best way to provide equality in a free market society is to provide information. Equal knowledge leads to equal opportunity. This is partially the reason that Obama is so passionate about our nation’s educational values and the current broken collegiate system.

Journalism and democracy go hand in hand being as both built this country from the ground up. Knowledge is power and being a journalist means that it is up to you to deliver that power to the common people. I plan to move FORWARD with Barack Obama.


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