We are all here to learn…

We are all here to learn but, I want to teach.

BJ Holmes.

Growing up, I wanted to be a film director. Years later, I aspired to be a project manager for a leading video game developer. At one point, I dreamed of becoming the next President of the United States. I chose the journalism major because it embodied the one characteristic constant in each of these fields: knowledge.

I cannot say it’s as simple as “knowledge.” Sharing knowledge. Teaching others. My mother, a certified K-8 teacher, taught me that everyone on this great, green Earth is here to learn and grow but she chose to teach.

So, I began asking myself: how do we learn? Someone must teach. The best way to learn is to teach but, we cannot teach until we learn. Teaching and learning are complimentary as Professor David Guistina would say. Since becoming a journalism major, I feel like I have learned what it is to teach primarily through learning what it is to find answers.

Knowledge is power, they always say. Since becoming a journalism major, I have decided I can best exhibit my leadership skills as a shadow. I want the power to change the world from the background. I want to get my hands dirty. I want to give power to the common people. I want to follow the leads that become lawsuits, movies, novels. I want to travel the world. People grow complacent when the world is asking “who you know.” In contrast, everyone panics when asked “what you know.” I want to be an investigative journalist.


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