Number 1 on the Field, Number One in Our Pockets

The National Collegiate Athletic Associate made roughly $850 million after the 2010-2011 seasons were audited… “Roughly.” Yet, Yahoo! Finance finds it difficult to list more than 6 collegiate institutes who were able to lower tuition by even 5% over the past year.

Here at SUNY Albany, the Football team left a imprint on the conference while the Women’s Basketball team put their name on the national stage. But, does this warrant a multi-million dollar project for a new athletic complex while the foreign language, performing arts, and other academic departments struggle to make-do with what little trickles down after miscellaneous construction in the wake of President Philip’s departure? On top of that, NY State has drastically cut funding to the SUNY network altogether.

As an accomplished student athlete, I have witnessed how broken the Division I NCAA system has been in respect to academia and in comparison to the Division III mentality of academics over athletics, against all odds.
I am open to any opposing or supporting views on this topic so that I may review this system from all possible angles. Feel free to comment or follow, accordingly.


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