Privatization of Prisons… and eventually, prisoners.

During a time of economic turmoil, a growing American industry plans to lessen the burden of state governments through partnerships in corrections.

A private firm in Nashville, TN called the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) has offered prisons throughout nearly all of the 50 states an opportunity to buy into a $250 million purchasing contract to manage not only criminal prisoners but, also immigrant detainees.

An analysis of these potential corrections partnerships can be approached from over a dozen angles. Among the most important ethical issues are: private industry and government incentives to maintain a prisoner quota rather than focusing on rehabilitation, the already deteriorating state of prisoners’ rights, bringing capitalism into the prison system, and the potential involvement of private prison Super PACs in state legislation.

For more background information regarding this topic, check out this article by the NY Times and follow my blog for any follow-up posts.


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