Soundtrack to My Life: 1/5

“We talk shit, drop dimes, lay the illest rhymes; it’s how we permeate our thoughts into others minds.”

-BJ “Sherlock” Holmes in “Reminisce Over Diss” by UCR.

Back in 2010, Wheaton College (MA) Men’s Track and Field started a non-profit, “promo” record label devoted to “Bringing you the realest, fake hip-hop around.” This is the first collaboration track from Upper Campus Records featuring the founding members, Mark “Shifty” Cimino and BJ “Sherlock” Holmes.

UCR started as a fun way to let off steam throughout the harsh weeks of winter training. While everyone else was enjoying New Year’s and the month of January at home, we were forced to see the same faces at the same time and the same track/weight room every single morning and night.

Tensions rose and fights broke out: imagine being on a month long vacation with 20 of your brothers and sisters… Thus, our ‘diss tracks’ were an outlet to trash talk each other in a creative way. This song means a lot to me because this was my freshman year of college and the first time I had to adjust to living with people outside of my own family. We settled our differences in very unique ways.


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