Soundtrack to My Life: 2/5

“Haste is the excrement of time. When I taste your touch my mind seems to unwind… No heavy hands, desperate heart, I’m full of soul. In your eyes, I find a world that’s finally whole.”

An excerpt from “Impact,” a *rough* demo by King’s Highway.

Ignore the flat vocals… Brian recorded them in his college dorm. This is a very rough demo. King’s Highway (BJ Holmes, Brian Pei) is from Monroe, NY. This song describes the first time I ever developed feelings for a girl from first sight. It has been years since I wrote this and, still, I remember every thought that was too bold to make it out of my pen.

I never spent a moment with this girl past the first night we met.

Do I regret anything?

No. This is a testament to never regretting anything that didn’t kill me. Plus, it made a damn good song… Which will be released in the near future.


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