Why I Blog… Outside of class obligations.

I would like to say that I blog to keep extensive interaction with my fan-base but… We’re off to a slow start.

First off, I appreciate everyone who follows and comments and shares my posts. Especially the people who share my posts with their own criticism– including the grown man and St. Rose professor who harassed me on Twitter because I romanticized my unlucky experience at his biker bar poetry slam. Similar to some of the ideas Andrew Sullivan mentions in his article, “Why I Blog,” blogs are under constant scrutiny and it’s always good to know people are watching (and caring).

The main reason I blog is because I believe that what I have to say will receive feedback. This not only helps if you are publishing homework to compare with classmates or if you are publishing articles to have some type of digital portfolio for networking purposes. I try to keep my blog from being my diary because the world is too big.

This WordPress was just created this year and my older blogs have much more of my solid work on them (in my opinion). But, that is the beautiful thing about blogs: the archives are so easily accessible.

The primary reason I blog is to log my thoughts and notes as I practice “journalism.” Being as I dream of being a foreign correspondent some day soon, the internet has made unfathomable advances during my generation. I am a part of the generation that will make the complete transition to digital, some say.

Also, nowhere else but a blog can you get this simple interface for criticism and comparison, as Sullivan writes. It is an open space for all discourse. Marshall McLuhan wrote a book titled “The Media is the Massage” which theorizes why media is the way it is. In the digital age, blogs are the first step toward a stronger public sphere of influence. Where people all over the world simply need internet access to spread news like wildfire.

I blog to advance the craft of journalism.




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