AASRD Project part 2



The first part of my project was not my best work. I was unhappy with the layout but, forced into position by my writing, I could not move pictures around as much as I desired. The video was a last minute rush job because I could not get YouTube to accept my original format and [dozens of other issues omitted]. I was able to achieve a total of 23 out of 26 points but, upon completion, I knew that I wanted to edit and revampthe post, entirely.

Part 2 of my project will knock part 1 out of the park. My plan is to include many more pictures, this time color since I am planning to not be limited by the lighting inside the Armory… Although, the All Stars have told me that they love black and white photos. I will speak to my friend Shannon Straney and see what tips she may be able to give me and what kind of art we can think up to make my next post better.

My project will take a nice shift now, in a more focused yet abstract direction. As mentioned earlier, I am looking to follow Albany All Stars Roller Derby as long as I am here, in Albany. That definitely means this summer and fall, I plan to develop an independent documentary plan of sorts. Part 2 of this project will be a focus on the interactions of skaters– on and off the track.

Photo cred: Rob Gierthy

Photo cred: Rob Gierthy

I have heard from several skaters that they have bonding events called “Sunshine” events (if I am not mistaken) where they do a plethora of activities as a club and generate buzz for the league as well as connect with one another on a more personal level.

Two of my prime sources are both vital directors of the league and best friends… The sell is that they are roughly 10 years apart in age. Yet, they have expressed to me that they are the best of friends. Another person of interest has told me that the league is a sorority of sorts.

I plan to look further into these claims and proofs while I develop part 2 of my project and future documentary plans: “Sunshine” (or whatever it is they call their league bonding events haha). I will be having more fun with this next post. Hopefully, including some fun photos and shifting my writing style to be more sports/entertainment feeling.


DISCLAIMER: This post refrains from naming sources as I do not have access to my notes, at the moment. I would never want to insult the age (rather, maturity) of any of my new friends haha.



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